End Of Days
February 19, 2000

Welcome to the incredibly spooky world of ex-cop Jericho (Arnold Schwarzenegger), where he must protect an innocent girl (Robin Tunney) from being impregnated by the devil (Gabriel Byrne)! Ooh!! Scaaaaary!

This movie blew big time. It didn't help that it's trying to tap into millenium hysteria, and I'm seeing it in February of 2000.

I've never liked the whole genre of supernatural religious thriller, The Omen, The Seventh Sign, it's all pretty boring and pointless to me. Maybe there are good films of this genre out there, just none of them come to mind at the moment (whoops, forgot about Rosemary's Baby!).

This film, in addition to containing the obligatory solemn Catholic mysticism, had a definite Terminator vibe going on. The devil gets shot, then heals like the T1000 from Terminator 2. Gabriel Byrne is the personification of evil, but it doesn't stop Arnie from arming himself with shotguns and rocket launchers for the 'final battle.' What's Ahnold's next film going to be about? Is he going to run over illiteracy with a tank?

In the end, I can only blame myself for this movie. I knew what I was getting into when I went to see it. The two hours I wasted were my own (If director Peter Hyams wants to quote my admission of blame for the videocassette sales campaign, he is certainly welcome).

See you at the movies. Save me the unstained seat.