Man on the Moon
March 3, 2000

My God! I didn't recognize the Davis when I walked in tonight! One of the workers was polishing a nacho machine, readying it for use. They had a new selection of treats, including (gasp!) bottles of Arizona Iced Tea. I walked into Theater 2 and instead of the undefinable foul stench that normally greets me, there was the smell of paint! The floors had been painted red! I could swear that the chairs had been cleaned, too.

Why all the fuss? Well, there's a new owner of the Davis Theater, who is apparently fixing things up. Could this be the end of cheap seats on Lincoln Avenue? We can only wait to see.

The Davis building had been for sale for a while. It was only a few months ago when the Davis was in danger of being destroyed. A guy wanted to buy the Davis building, knock it down, and build condos. However, there was such a public outcry against this proposal that the developer eventually gave up trying to buy the Davis. Now the Davis has been bought, and the new owner has promised that the theater will stay. As far as what form it takes (whether it stays cheap or not), that's too soon to tell.

Oh, I almost forgot! Man on the Moon. Kinda blah. Not needed. Ho-hum.

See you at the movies. Save me the unshampooed seat?