Remember the Acres.

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Acres Update: 12/02/2000 --- The Acres is CLOSED.

The Acres now has a friendly chain-link fence encircling it.

The Acres will be demolished to make way for a new branch of the Chicago Public Library.

I was never really sure if the restaurant the Open Oven was affiliated with the Acres. It was situated near the motel, but wasn't attached. This restaurant closed six or so months ago. I think the restaurant was in fact part of the Acres, though I am not absolutely sure.

The Acres has the most boring sign-

-but the fanciest motel office.

Swim for a spell at the lovely and spacious Acres swimming pool.

Note the bold use of primary colors and the chicken-wire pattern of the bannisters.

Acres Motel
5600 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 561-7777

Formerly $50.00 per day, two standard beds per room

No hourly rates available