Remember The Spa.

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Spa Update: 12/02/2000 --- The Spa in ruins.

Note the mirror still hanging on one of the exposed interior walls.

It's official. The Spa is closed.

They had a sale of all the old TV's, lamps, tables, etc. I went there and bought a lamp, and took a tour of the deserted building. There were numerous beer cans and chip bags in each room, and a varied assortment of familiar and unfamiliar smells. The former occupants of the motel apparently had quite a party to see off this old motel.

The Spa's owner's daughter was there that night, and I talked to her for twenty or so minutes. She was very nice, and made it a point to find a hanging lamp for me that was in good shape. She gave me a stack of old postcards for free. I asked her lots of questions.

A lamp of the type I purchased for $10.00, still hanging in the Spa.

An old postcard given to me by the Spa owner's daughter.

She herself wasn't incredibly sad to see the motel closed; the city had offered her father what she thought was a good price, and she said they were going to look into selling the Spa sometime soon anyway. The Spa is going to be used by the Chicago Fire Department for some kind of training exercises, then the motel will be knocked down to be replaced by a police station. She said she will be very sad to see the beautiful Spa sign go away.

Her father had owned the motel since 1977. She mentioned a few bands that she had remembered staying at the Spa. The Cramps, the Impotent Sea Snakes, Anthrax. She described being in Germany and happening upon an interview with Anthrax on German television. They mentioned the Spa, and told a story about when they spread peanut butter and jelly all over the walls of their room.

I asked her if the Chicago Reader (a local weekly) had come by for an interview; this is the kind of stuff they like to write about. She said she didn't trust journalists, that she had been interviewed by one a while back and felt like she got burned because the article ended up portraying the Spa in an unfavorable light.

I got a crisis of conscience. I felt bad for asking her all these questions, and all the while I have a site calling the Spa a "Hooker Motel." I really mean what I say in the disclaimer I have for the Hooker Motel pages -- the term Hooker Motels is really filled with a lot of affection, and I hope no offense is taken by the name of the page.

I'll be upset as each one of these Lincoln Avenue motels is closed (and each one will be closed soon, it seems).

I apologize for the artsy-fartsy reflection photograph.

The simple, plain sign for the Spa Lounge is a good indicator of the simple, plain bar within.

There wasn't much to see: a smallish bar, some faux-wood paneling, an old Ms. Pacman game.

Still, even simple things can be cherished.

The Spa used to have a swimming pool. The pool was closed some time in the early 1980's. At the time of the closing of the Spa Motel, the former pool facility housed a Korean furniture store. Please, no snickering at the name.

The Spa catered to an international clientele.

One of the coolest things ever.
A martini glass light!

The Spa
5414 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL
(773) 561-0313

"The Spa is gone."

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